Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Darkness & the Fuzz..

Hey guys.. I woke up today knowing three things.. 1. I was gonna work out hard this morning, which I did.. 2. That I was going to thoroughly clean my house today, which I have not!  ;)  And 3. That I was gonna do a new mani.  Though I will add this.. that Sugar Coat by Sally Hansen wears like a dream.. not a chip or nothing!  Just bored with it *LOL* I didnt know what I was gonna do and lots of idea rolled through my head and then I figured I'm cleaning today so I'm just gonna keep it simple.. you know.. in case I totally ruin my mani! :p  So I went with Raven by Zoya with an accent on the ring finer.  I use Tweedy from the Fuzzy Coat collection.  And here's how it turned out!  
This is the mani sans flash.  Again base was Raven by Zoya with Tweedy as the accent! 
Now the mani with flash.  I love the simplicity of it!  :) 

Zoya is a great polish.  I did take advantage of the Earth Day sale they had earlier this year so I have a good 30 bottles of Zoya now, where as I had none before.. so I am really excited about that sale :p  Zoya is one of those polishes where you never have to use more than two coats.. its always rich in color.. and honestly this is the best black I own!  Its a great color.  The Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat collection is great too.  Its just TONS of tiny bar glitters that give you kind of a fuzzy look.. kinda like a teddy bear *LOL*  I like it cause its very easy to apply.  I've used some difficult glitter polishes *coughs* Lynnderella *coughs* but this is just dab, dab.. let it dry a bit.. swipe and you get this gorgeous coverage.  There are 8 colors total in the Fuzzy Coat collection.  I myself only have three.. my Target did not even have all the color options that they're showing in their website *sadness*  If you'd like to take a look you can find them here : Fuzzy Coats  Anyhow, so that's it.. a basic little mani for a regular ol' Saturday! Until next time happy painting!  ♥

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