Thursday, May 22, 2014

Clean up and all that jazz!

Allo, allo!  How is everyone today.. lovely I hope?!  I had quite a lovely day myself.. it would've been nice if I had a convertible!  *lol*  I'm happy I only sneezed three times today!  They were whoopers but its better then a gauzbillion!

Lately I've gotten quite a few people asking me how I do my nail cleanup.  So, while doing last night's mani I decided to do a kinda step by step of how I clean around my cuticles and such.  :) And here we go!  

First off, let's get this straight right from jump.. no one is perfect!  Even when you're pretty spot on with your painting like myself *giggles* or if you're one that gets paint everywhere.  Or shucks.. even y'all folks in the middle there.  Anyone can paint and still have clean fingers afterwards.  Its not necessarily "how" you paint your nails, though the cleaner the better.. cause let's face it.. its what boys and girls...?  Less cleanup at the end!  <--- that is literally how my brain said it to me while I was thinking it.. so that's how I wrote it :p  *LMBO*   Anyhow, all joking aside.. cleanup is fairly easy if you have three things..

1. A soft bristled brush either from somewhere like Sally's or you can make your own like I did with an old paint brush (that I cut diagonally).  You can also use q-tips and all sorts of other kewl things you probably have around your house for clean up.

2. A small container.. you can use just about anything.. but its trial and error on getting something perfect for you size wise and durability from the next must have.  I am using a medicine measuring cup that I got from Hailey's school nurse.. she gave me like 5 and I've been using this one for over a year!!!

3. 100% Pure Acetone.  This is a must.  DO NOT try to do this process with Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover.  You will junk up your brush which you will then have to spend the next two hours getting back to its lovely original state.. yes, I have accidentally done this.  That's why I buy colorful Acetone Free now *LOL*

This is how my station for cleanup starts : 

This is my crew..
So, here is an example of a nail that would need cleanup : 

Oopsies.. looks like I slipped *blushes* 
And this is the process.. I dip my paint brush into the acetone dabbing all the excess acetone off on the edge of the small cup.  Then I take the acetoned brush around my nail & cuticle.  This is extremely easy to do.. but you just put cuticle oil on after you do this or it will dry the heck out of your skin around the manicure.
So fresh & so clean, clean!  

And that my friends is how I get my nails clean and prepped for pictures to share with all my lovely friends!   If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask and I'll try to give you the best answer I can *wink*  Until next time.. happy painting!  ♥  

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