Saturday, May 24, 2014

Holographic Marble!!!!

Hey guys!  Like I promised I'm gonna be updating my blog more often.  I think I'm gonna shoot for every Saturday since that's when I usually paint my nails :p

I have a very beautiful mani in store for you tonight!!!  *rubs hands together evil like*  I'm teasing, but it is pretty darn awesome though!  :D  Now, this is the first time I've done a full on holographic marble and that's mainly because I only buy Aly's Dream Polish holographics.  They're a bit more expensive, but worth EVERY penny.  My Aly's polishes are extremely close to my heart.. like I dont even like to use them on other people *ROFL*  A lot of polish is used during the marbling process so keep that into consideration when you're mapping out your color scheme.  However, I decided that I deserved to look pretty this weekend!  I've been being SUCH a good girl lately with money and everything!  *lol*  So I treated myself to something that was fun, beautiful AND free!  *hehe*  

Since purple is my favorite color it was the number one inspiration for this mani.  I went with three shades of holographic polishes by Aly's and I used my Black Onyx by OPI.  Let's beging.. 

This is what we'll be using today!
Polishes from left to right : Black Onyx by OPI & Electric Indigo,
Rumpleberry, and Blue Sea by Aly's Dream Polish 
I did something different this time that I've never done before.  I'll post a link at the bottom so you can get to it if you'd like but I made a very blurry, bad picture quality, step-by-step video of how I do the actual "water and paint and all that jazz" process.  I was a bit nervous so there are a few word errors but meh.. not bad for my first time.. so I'll post that at the bottom for you guys.. the next few pictures are gonna be in order by process step.  Enjoy!

I dont have a photo for it so far off let me note that I based all my nails in the Aly's Rumpleberry.  I like to use a color I'm using in the marbling as a base or black/white.  

This process is removing the tape.  I do not cut.. I just slide in and pull up & out.  That
way I can remove & work the tape the way I need to.  For more details, please ask.

This is the bit of paint on the skin once the tape is removed.. light clean up and you're done!

After light cleanup!  :p ♥

Left hand holding Aly's Rumpleberry

Left hand holding OPI's Black Onyx 

Last but certainly not least... full complete mani.  Inside with flash.  I love it!!!! ♥

Ok, so there's all the photos.. as you guys know I absolutely love Aly's Dream Polish.  I would just be a broken record if I tell you guys again how much wonderful this polish is in every way.. quality, consistency, versatility.. its just an amazing polish.  And like I promised here's the link to the video.  Until next time.. happy painting!  ♥