Saturday, May 24, 2014

Holographic Marble!!!!

Hey guys!  Like I promised I'm gonna be updating my blog more often.  I think I'm gonna shoot for every Saturday since that's when I usually paint my nails :p

I have a very beautiful mani in store for you tonight!!!  *rubs hands together evil like*  I'm teasing, but it is pretty darn awesome though!  :D  Now, this is the first time I've done a full on holographic marble and that's mainly because I only buy Aly's Dream Polish holographics.  They're a bit more expensive, but worth EVERY penny.  My Aly's polishes are extremely close to my heart.. like I dont even like to use them on other people *ROFL*  A lot of polish is used during the marbling process so keep that into consideration when you're mapping out your color scheme.  However, I decided that I deserved to look pretty this weekend!  I've been being SUCH a good girl lately with money and everything!  *lol*  So I treated myself to something that was fun, beautiful AND free!  *hehe*  

Since purple is my favorite color it was the number one inspiration for this mani.  I went with three shades of holographic polishes by Aly's and I used my Black Onyx by OPI.  Let's beging.. 

This is what we'll be using today!
Polishes from left to right : Black Onyx by OPI & Electric Indigo,
Rumpleberry, and Blue Sea by Aly's Dream Polish 
I did something different this time that I've never done before.  I'll post a link at the bottom so you can get to it if you'd like but I made a very blurry, bad picture quality, step-by-step video of how I do the actual "water and paint and all that jazz" process.  I was a bit nervous so there are a few word errors but meh.. not bad for my first time.. so I'll post that at the bottom for you guys.. the next few pictures are gonna be in order by process step.  Enjoy!

I dont have a photo for it so far off let me note that I based all my nails in the Aly's Rumpleberry.  I like to use a color I'm using in the marbling as a base or black/white.  

This process is removing the tape.  I do not cut.. I just slide in and pull up & out.  That
way I can remove & work the tape the way I need to.  For more details, please ask.

This is the bit of paint on the skin once the tape is removed.. light clean up and you're done!

After light cleanup!  :p ♥

Left hand holding Aly's Rumpleberry

Left hand holding OPI's Black Onyx 

Last but certainly not least... full complete mani.  Inside with flash.  I love it!!!! ♥

Ok, so there's all the photos.. as you guys know I absolutely love Aly's Dream Polish.  I would just be a broken record if I tell you guys again how much wonderful this polish is in every way.. quality, consistency, versatility.. its just an amazing polish.  And like I promised here's the link to the video.  Until next time.. happy painting!  ♥

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Clean up and all that jazz!

Allo, allo!  How is everyone today.. lovely I hope?!  I had quite a lovely day myself.. it would've been nice if I had a convertible!  *lol*  I'm happy I only sneezed three times today!  They were whoopers but its better then a gauzbillion!

Lately I've gotten quite a few people asking me how I do my nail cleanup.  So, while doing last night's mani I decided to do a kinda step by step of how I clean around my cuticles and such.  :) And here we go!  

First off, let's get this straight right from jump.. no one is perfect!  Even when you're pretty spot on with your painting like myself *giggles* or if you're one that gets paint everywhere.  Or shucks.. even y'all folks in the middle there.  Anyone can paint and still have clean fingers afterwards.  Its not necessarily "how" you paint your nails, though the cleaner the better.. cause let's face it.. its what boys and girls...?  Less cleanup at the end!  <--- that is literally how my brain said it to me while I was thinking it.. so that's how I wrote it :p  *LMBO*   Anyhow, all joking aside.. cleanup is fairly easy if you have three things..

1. A soft bristled brush either from somewhere like Sally's or you can make your own like I did with an old paint brush (that I cut diagonally).  You can also use q-tips and all sorts of other kewl things you probably have around your house for clean up.

2. A small container.. you can use just about anything.. but its trial and error on getting something perfect for you size wise and durability from the next must have.  I am using a medicine measuring cup that I got from Hailey's school nurse.. she gave me like 5 and I've been using this one for over a year!!!

3. 100% Pure Acetone.  This is a must.  DO NOT try to do this process with Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover.  You will junk up your brush which you will then have to spend the next two hours getting back to its lovely original state.. yes, I have accidentally done this.  That's why I buy colorful Acetone Free now *LOL*

This is how my station for cleanup starts : 

This is my crew..
So, here is an example of a nail that would need cleanup : 

Oopsies.. looks like I slipped *blushes* 
And this is the process.. I dip my paint brush into the acetone dabbing all the excess acetone off on the edge of the small cup.  Then I take the acetoned brush around my nail & cuticle.  This is extremely easy to do.. but you just put cuticle oil on after you do this or it will dry the heck out of your skin around the manicure.
So fresh & so clean, clean!  

And that my friends is how I get my nails clean and prepped for pictures to share with all my lovely friends!   If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask and I'll try to give you the best answer I can *wink*  Until next time.. happy painting!  ♥  

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Darkness & the Fuzz..

Hey guys.. I woke up today knowing three things.. 1. I was gonna work out hard this morning, which I did.. 2. That I was going to thoroughly clean my house today, which I have not!  ;)  And 3. That I was gonna do a new mani.  Though I will add this.. that Sugar Coat by Sally Hansen wears like a dream.. not a chip or nothing!  Just bored with it *LOL* I didnt know what I was gonna do and lots of idea rolled through my head and then I figured I'm cleaning today so I'm just gonna keep it simple.. you know.. in case I totally ruin my mani! :p  So I went with Raven by Zoya with an accent on the ring finer.  I use Tweedy from the Fuzzy Coat collection.  And here's how it turned out!  
This is the mani sans flash.  Again base was Raven by Zoya with Tweedy as the accent! 
Now the mani with flash.  I love the simplicity of it!  :) 

Zoya is a great polish.  I did take advantage of the Earth Day sale they had earlier this year so I have a good 30 bottles of Zoya now, where as I had none before.. so I am really excited about that sale :p  Zoya is one of those polishes where you never have to use more than two coats.. its always rich in color.. and honestly this is the best black I own!  Its a great color.  The Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat collection is great too.  Its just TONS of tiny bar glitters that give you kind of a fuzzy look.. kinda like a teddy bear *LOL*  I like it cause its very easy to apply.  I've used some difficult glitter polishes *coughs* Lynnderella *coughs* but this is just dab, dab.. let it dry a bit.. swipe and you get this gorgeous coverage.  There are 8 colors total in the Fuzzy Coat collection.  I myself only have three.. my Target did not even have all the color options that they're showing in their website *sadness*  If you'd like to take a look you can find them here : Fuzzy Coats  Anyhow, so that's it.. a basic little mani for a regular ol' Saturday! Until next time happy painting!  ♥

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lush Lacquer Giveaway!

Olah peeps.. just wanted to pop in and let you know that Lush Lacquer is having an awesome giveaway!  All you gotta do is "like" their facebook page.. share the giveaway photo and comment that you've entered.  This giveaway is for their new "neon collection".  They'll be selecting 12 lucky winners and maybe you'll be one!  Good luck!!  Direct link to the photo here!! 

New gorgeous Neon Collection by Lush Lacquer
If you are not lucky enough to be one of the 12, please stop by their store Lush Lacquer Store and see if there's anything there you'd love to pick up!  :D  Until next time.. happy painting 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Can we Sugar Coat that?

So its been a while since I've posted!  No internet, but I'm back.. oh yeah!  *hehe*  Anyhow, I just did a mini splurge at Target and I got a few of the new Insta-Dri's.. a few Fuzzy Coats and one Sugar Coat.  I did my mani today in the Sugar Coat.  This is Sally Hansen's Sour Apple #600 Sugar Coat.  Its two coats and I stamped just on the ring finger of both hands; stars stamped with Finger Paints Paper Mache`.  

Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat - Sour Apple #600 with 2 coats

This is the mani with flash and stamp.  SO CUTE!!! 

This is a great polish.  It dries quickly and applies well, however my right hand did have to be redone because its imperative you allow the first coat to dry before applying the second or you'll get this chunky look that doesnt dry well and if you touch it just smudges and ends up a hot mess *LOL*  I'm not sure who all has the new Sally Hansen's for sale, but I can promise you Target does.  There are 8 colors in this line and though I only got one this last trip I do intend to get the full set!  :D  For a view of other colors please visit this site :  So this is my review on the Sugar Coat.. I do hope you try it.. its an amazing polish and until next time.. happy pain
ting!  <3

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

 I'm a happy girl today.  I got my KBShimmer order in.  YAY!  I ordered two jelly polishes and the variety soap sampler.  Let me just tell you.. I thought the polishes would be my favorite part, but I'm in love with the soap!  *hehe*  Here's what I got in today!  :D 

Polishes are I Have a Crush on Blue and Witch Way? Soaps are :
Patchouli, Peppermint, Spiced Apple, Kaeido-Soap, Chia Tea, and Paradise

I knew I was gonna paint my nails when I got the KBShimmer polishes.. but what color to choose.. hmm... too hard to decide.. so let's call on the little Hailey!  She choose the purple or Witch Way?  :D  I love, love, love it!  Its so beautiful.  Of course I'm not a huge glitter wearing polish-ista so the coarse-ness of it is something I'm gonna have to get used to.  Here's how the mani turned out!  

KBShimmer Witch Way?  3 coats; close up. 

KBShimmer Witch Way?  3 coats; full view.

I will definitely be going back to KBShimmer for more products.. polish was great.. soaps were amazing.  Hailey's washed her hands 4 times tonight.  *LOL*  If you're interested in checking their stuff out you can find them on Etsy at or direct through their sight at  I personally found it a better deal to shop with them through their Etsy store.  It was cheaper that way for me.  I did do a cost comparison and it was a few dollars difference.  And that's it from me tonight.  Till next time.. happy painting! ♥

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nail Craze Plate!!!

Ok, so I'm super excited.  My Nail Craze plate came in today!  YAY!!!  I love it so much! Its the first plate I've purchased myself.  So, of course I had to do a butterfly wing mani today!  :D 

Nail Craze plate NC 01 ♥
So, in preparation for my butterfly wings I decided to go with holographic colors.. which of course lead me to my Aly's Dream Polish stash.  I wanted to do a gradient also so I went with two colors I have from her Macaroon Collection.  Base is Tiffanytea and layered in is Rumbleberry.  I wish I could've taken a photo of the just the base colors w/o the stamp, but my phone was completely dead.  It was SO PRETTY!  :D

After I got my base gradient all done.. I just stamped with the two "smaller" butterfly wing templates.  As you can see my nails are still pretty short.  I was nervous it was gonna be difficult, but I think I did well.  I started off trying to stamp with the Kleancolor black, but let me tell you.. it DOES NOT work well with this stamp.  I ended up using Midnight by Tea'.  And here's my finished result!  

Gradient Butterfly Wings
I added some glitter to the wing lines and voila!  This mani was so much fun!  Oh, and again.. if you're interested in holographic colors, definitely check out my friend Ashley's shop.  She's got great colors.. I absolutely love her polishes so, just a little shout out!  Can check her polishes out at :  Until next time.. happy painting!  ♥