Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nail Craze Plate!!!

Ok, so I'm super excited.  My Nail Craze plate came in today!  YAY!!!  I love it so much! Its the first plate I've purchased myself.  So, of course I had to do a butterfly wing mani today!  :D 

Nail Craze plate NC 01 ♥
So, in preparation for my butterfly wings I decided to go with holographic colors.. which of course lead me to my Aly's Dream Polish stash.  I wanted to do a gradient also so I went with two colors I have from her Macaroon Collection.  Base is Tiffanytea and layered in is Rumbleberry.  I wish I could've taken a photo of the just the base colors w/o the stamp, but my phone was completely dead.  It was SO PRETTY!  :D

After I got my base gradient all done.. I just stamped with the two "smaller" butterfly wing templates.  As you can see my nails are still pretty short.  I was nervous it was gonna be difficult, but I think I did well.  I started off trying to stamp with the Kleancolor black, but let me tell you.. it DOES NOT work well with this stamp.  I ended up using Midnight by Tea'.  And here's my finished result!  

Gradient Butterfly Wings
I added some glitter to the wing lines and voila!  This mani was so much fun!  Oh, and again.. if you're interested in holographic colors, definitely check out my friend Ashley's shop.  She's got great colors.. I absolutely love her polishes so, just a little shout out!  Can check her polishes out at :  Until next time.. happy painting!  ♥

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