Monday, May 6, 2013

Matte fun!

Today I wanted to wear this rich Barielle color I have.  Its called Date Night.  Its a deep hunter green and its absolutely gorgeous.  But I didnt want to go just Plain Jane, so I decided to play with my Orly Matte Top.  I have seen many kewl manicures where they matted the nails and stamped with the the clear top coat and it looks so kewl.  However, I will have to ask around cause NONE of my clears were stamping well.  I tried the Sally Hansen Insta-dri top coat and the Sally Hansen Super Shine top coat.. both came up hardly noticeable.  *sad times*

This is the Barielle Date Night sans matte coat.  Very beautiful deep green!
This is the Barielle Date Night with one layer matte coat.

And here's the finished design.  I just did half matte; half clear.. its a pretty kewl look!  

Here's just the nail view.  Sorry for the shotty pics.. my phone is dying and I was having trouble *LOL*

So, its a cute look.. I was going to do the clear diagonal, but decided to just free hand half instead of taping diagonal.  :p  Lady!  *hehe*  Now to cover the polishes.  Barielle is a hit and miss polish for me.  Some of the colors are smooth and work great and others are not so great.. so it kinda makes me wonder about the consistency.  The Barielle Matte Top is rather expensive.  I paid $8.00 for it at Sally's and I know there are some cheaper brands out there and truthfully I've seen other mani's done in matte that have a much nicer outcome then mine.. so I'm thinking it might not be the best matte coat out there.  Will have to research more on that. All in all.. I think its a cute mani and that's it for me tonight.  Till next time.. happy painting!  

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